10. 05. 2020
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These pranks got crazy...
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  • love you guys so much

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  • 4:24 get skipped Jeremy!

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  • I love your prank videos

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  • I want more pranks

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  • Bexi 😜love you guys say hey to brent and andrew 💖

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  • Are you still with Lexi?

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  • I want more pranks! Dare for prank: I dare you to Avoid lexi for a day she probably gonna be mad 🤣🤣🤣

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  • More pranks

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  • I want more pranks!!

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  • I think Jeremy won! Sorry Lexi sorry Brent! 🤣

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  • What is ben's car name ??

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  • I love you guys, you are my favorites celebrities. I am maybe a kid, but I really love you

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  • You Picked Lexi Cuz You Dated Her

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  • We need 5M

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  • Why can't ben and lexi just make it official that they are dating

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  • I am pretty sure none of them care about ten dollars they probably just doing it for the channel!

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  • i love you Ben and my name is Makenzie

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  • 8:28 he kinda laughed

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  • lexi is so short

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  • Pranks every single week on Brent

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  • those who think that the yolk prank is the best hit like

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  • i want more pranks they are so funny and dangeras

  • I love u lexi

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  • I have a vxjshdudhc on dom and brent

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  • If brent was judging he will give

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  • Brent's reaction to Lexis though

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  • ur a asome pranker

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